Hosta ‘Empress Wu Gardener Reviews:

A real conversation starter

Nobody ventures through my garden without being amazed with this HUGE hosta. The size is not the only thing great about Empress Wu the leaves are heavily corrugated and provide a very nice textural element. Leaves are so thick that the slugs don’t have a chance.

Gardening Sue  NC  | August 2009

You have to have this hosta

I am new to growing hostas and thought I would give this one a try after seeing it in a gardening magazine.  I figured the hype around Empress Wu was a marketing trick than anything else.  While my plant is no where near the mature size shown in catalogs the plant is already larger than any other hosta in my garden. This is a very nice hosta regardless of it’s much talked about size.  I highly recommend it..

Grant   NY   | August 2009

Doesn’t grow as fast as I had hoped

I love this hosta but had my expectations set to high. The plants I have are all thriving but I expected them to get large quick.  After talking to some experiecned gardeners they informed me that it could take up to 3 years befoere I get the giant seen in pictures.  Patience is a virtue.

Joseph P   MN   | November 2009

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Hosta ‘Empress Wu’  PP20774

This impressive giant hosta was named in honor of the only lady emperor of China.  A stunning garden specimen that is one of the most sought after hostas this year.

Leaf color: shades of greens
Height: 4 feet
Width: 5-6 feet
Hardy: zones 3-9